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There is a wealth of information about clubfoot out there.  These are links to the sites that I have found the most helpful.  You will find links to information sites, support groups and personal stories here.  Let me know if you find a particularly useful site that you would like to see added here!

The search engine links below are the standards that came with the page.  I will probably change them eventually.  I do not use any of them ;-)

Technical Information and Papers
Identification and Treatment of Atypical Clubfoot

A copy of the paper presented at the AAOS 2005 Annual Meeting by Dr. Jose Morcuende of UoI on behalf of Ponseti et. al. regarding atypical clubfoot.







Favorite Sites
Virtual Children's Hospital

Dr. Ponseti's informational site about his method of treating clubfoot, testamonials,  and where to find doctors trained in his method.

Yahoo! Groups nosurgery4clubfoot

A mailing list dedicated to the Ponseti non-surgical approach to clubfoot.  The people here have a huge amount of information and are alway ready to help!

Yahoo! Groups CFPics

A mailing list dedicated to showing off those beautiful babies and their feet!

MD Orthopaedics

The official site for John Mitchell's "Ponseti Brace"!  You can order shoes here.