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This is a collection of e-mails I have gotten from Dr. Ponseti regarding Kai's foot

These e-mails are seen in reverse - that is you will see Dr Ponseti's reply followed by the e-mail I sent him that it was pertaining to.  Also, some will apprear without the leading e-mail if they are self explanatory.

The Day the News Came
The right foot is not fully corrected.  It is indeed one of the rare cases of unilateral clubfoot where the clubfoot is shorter, stubbier, and with thickening over the dorsum of the foot.  I am surprised that Dr. Mosca was able to achieve this degree of correction with only three cases.  In my experience Kai would usually require at least six casets to achieve complete correction.  I feel that Kai should have several more long leg plaster casts applied to achieve full correction of the deformity.
I.V.Ponseti, M.D.(Joyce Roller, secretary)
-----Original Message-----
Subject: Your opionion ...

Dear Dr. Ponseti
If you dont mind, I would appreciate it if you could give me yor opinion of my sons feet based on the attached pictures.  I have contacted you previously and you have given me some wonderful information, but I have been unable to send clear pictures before now
My son, Kai, has unilateral right clubfoot.  He is being treated by Dr. Mosca.  He had 3 casts then the tenotomy, followed by 3 months brace wear for 23 hrs/day.  In late just he was released to 12 hrs per day by Dr Mosca, but at your suggestion, he has been wearing the bar/shoes approx 17 hrs a day
I know that Dr Mosca is very experienced and capable with clubfoot treatment, but the more I look at the foot, the more I think he is missing something in this case.  He has judged correction based on mobility.  The foot can be moved into a 45 degree flex upward, and has no trouble at the 70 degree angle of the DBB.  Thus far, he has not observed any bearing of weight.  Dr. Mosca admits he doesnt understand why Kai's foot continues to look the way it does
So, I am hoping you may have an idea.  It this foot just one of those few that never does look quite "right", or is it not fully corrected?  Any input or thoughts you have would help a great deal
I thank you.
Custom pages can be used for any kind of content and are a great way to add information to your site.
Custom pages can be used for any kind of content and are a great way to add information to your site.